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Sanur Bali Villas

Located on the coast, Sanur was once a fishing village has a sleepy charm where the cultural and religious duties of Hindu Bali are still taken very seriously. The sleepy charm of the area attracts visitors who are quite content to enjoy the tropical warmth of the sun and the beach which is protected by a shallow reef. A well maintained boulevard stretches the entire length of Sanur village beachfront providing the perfect spot for a leisurely stroll taking in the sights of the brightly coloured local fishing vessels that decorate the shoreline.

Villas in Sanur Bali - Indonesia

Ajanta Villas Sanur BaliAjanta Villas Sanur Bali
Price: US$ 200 - US$ 400, Sanur, Villas Close to Beach
Ajanta Villas are designed with element of gracious island living and a sense of refuge from the hassles of life. Much attention to detail is evidenced in these 8 one and two bedroom villas, creating a tranquil and a romantic feeling.

Ellora Villas Sanur BaliEllora Villas Sanur Bali
Price: US$ 200 - US$ 400, Sanur, Villas Close to Beach
It just doesn't get any better than this. Inside Ellora Villas you feel like the only person on earth. Spacious outdoor living, generous swimming pool, tropical frangipani trees and exotic plants swaying in the breeze that comes straight off the ocean.

Palm Suite Villa BaliPalm Suite Villa Bali
Price: US$ 100 - US$ 300, Sanur, Complex of Villas
With total of 16 villas, The Palm Suite Villa & Spa simply speaks the fineness. Encompassing 12 units of 1-bedroom villa, 2 units of 2-bedroom villa, and 2 units of 3-bedroom villa.

Sanur Residence BaliSanur Residence Bali
Price: >=US$ 1000, Sanur, Beachfront Villas
The residence is an ideal venue for weddings, parties and events. The expansive terraced garden, set against the stunning backdrop of the Balinese coastline.

Suarti Villas BaliSuarti Villas Bali
Price: US$ 750 - US$ 1000, Sanur, Beachfront Villas
Suarti Villas embrace every occurrence of aspects above and orchestrate them into a slice of paradise only for you. Two clusters of villa resting at the east coast of Bali are at your choice.

The Gangsa Sanur BaliThe Gangsa Sanur Bali
Price: US$ 300 - US$ 500, Sanur, Resort Villas
the gangsa has adapted this unique concept to create a series of private villas where the art of living is free from the complications of the outside world.

Villa Arimbi Sanur BaliVilla Arimbi Sanur Bali
Price: US$ 500 - US$ 750, Sanur, Individual Villa Compound
Villa Arimbi is a truly estate garden home for lovers of Balinese architecture and tropical garden atmosphere. Its located in prestigious Sanur neighborhood on the southern tip of Bali.

Villa Casis Sanur BaliVilla Casis Sanur Bali
Price: US$ 300 - US$ 500, Sanur, Villas Close to Beach
A luxury private villa situated in the peaceful area of Sanur, well known for its quiet, palm-lined beaches, fine restaurants and shopping area.

Villa Emma Sanur BaliVilla Emma Sanur Bali
Price: US$ 200 - US$ 400, Sanur, Individual Villa Compound
A stay at Villa Emma, you can explore real Balinese life and become a part of them, while still have your full privacy in your Villa with large pool and garden area.

Villa Leha-Leha BaliVilla Leha-Leha Bali
Price: US$ 400 - US$ 600, Sanur, Individual Villa Compound
Villa Leha-Leha takes its name from the Javanese word for peace, day-dreaming, relaxing, or being empty-minded while lying prostrate and gazing at the sky!

Villa Mahapala Sanur BaliVilla Mahapala Sanur Bali
Price: US$ 300 - US$ 500, Sanur, Villas Close to Beach
Located in tranquil Sanur, Villa Mahapala is a luxury resort villa featuring the twelve signs of the zodiac. Exceptionally designed with immaculate facilities.

Villa Samadhana BaliVilla Samadhana Bali
Price: US$ 750 - US$ 1000, Sanur, Individual Villa Compound
Villa Samadhana is the pinnacle of style, service and spaciousness. Set amongst sprawling lawns and exotic tropical gardens, this expansive villa.

Villa Taman Sorga BaliVilla Taman Sorga Bali
Price: >=US$ 1000, Sanur, Individual Villa Compound
The main house is a two-storey pavilion, roofed in alang-alang thatch, comprising two double bedrooms and one single bedroom, a wrap-around terrace on the second floor.

Villa Warna Sanur BaliVilla Warna Sanur Bali
Price: US$ 100 - US$ 300, Sanur, Villas Close to Beach
Villa Warna is only 200m from the beach just behind Mercure hotel. Perfectly suited for holidays with family and friends, it offers maximum comfort at affordable rental rate.

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