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Bali Indonesia News

Bali Indonesia News pulled in real time from hundreds of different news sources and information services which are continuously searched for Bali and Indonesia.

Duplication of headings is just that - important stories are always covered by several news services, and it can be interesting to read how the same event is reported by different organizations.

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Is the photo better than the trip?
Brent Larson and his bride, Ona, look like an ad for their Antigua resort, glowing, in love and sun-kissed in paradise. The picture doesn't tell the whole story.

Handstands and other photo traditions
We had no idea five guys with a clever photo tradition would capture so much interest.

Are you a travel oversharer?
No longer do vacationers wait for photos and slides to be developed so they can put together albums or slideshows to entertain (or bore) the relatives and friends. Social media keeps everyone up to the minute.

Convention city smackdown
Why wait for the election in November? The political convention host cities are already going head-to-head as part of our Destination USA project pitting rival cities against each other. Tampa, Florida, will host the Republican National Convention August 27-30, while Charlotte, North Carolina, will host the Democratic National Convention September 3-6.

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Separatism must be stopped: Yudhoyono
Separatism of any kind in Indonesia must be stopped because it poses a serious threat to national integrity, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said in Magelang, Central Java, on Thursday.

Jakarta Election Supervisory Committee receives 54 complaints
The Jakarta Election Supervisory Committee has announced that it received 54 complaints from local people about fraud during the Jakarta gubernatorial elections on July 11.

Nightclubs closed during Ramadhan
The local government of Ternate asked nightclub owners to close their joints during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan.

1,082 buses provided for eid-ul-fitr holiday
The Surakarta Transportation Department will provide 1,082 buses from Tirtonadi Bus Terminal to cope with the increase in passengers during the Lebaran holiday season.
Indonesia Travel Guide launched
We recently launched the Indonesia Travel Guide with the latest tourism information on Batam Islands, Bintan Islands, Bali Island and Java.

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